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Plaça Doctor Llangort, 3, Arsèguel - 25722
Phone: 973 384 092 Fax: 973 384 092

General services

Transport on Demand (Line 8-9)

Phone: 973 353575 (Xavier Vives)

Schedule: Line 8-9 makes the following route: Querforadat-Castellnou-Arsitot-La Seu d'Urgell every Tuesday and Friday. Departure from Arenys at 8:15 pm and from Seu at 1:30pm. For bookings call the day before.�For more information call the Regional Council

Transport on Demand (Line 10)

Phone: 973 354157 (Lluís Grau)

Schedule: Line 10 makes the route Vall de Cava-La Seu d'Urgell on Tuesdays and Fridays. Departure from Ansovell at 8:20 am and from La Seu at 2pm. Please call for bookings. For more information call 973 353112 (Regional Council)

Transport on Demand (Line 17)

Phone: 973 350020 (Alsina Graells)

Schedule: The service connects daily La Seu d'Urgell with Puigcerd�, stops at roadside villages. Departure from Puigcerd� at 7:30am and 5:45pm.Departure from La Seu at 9:15am and 7pm.

Autonomous Local Tax Bureau. Tax Collection Management

Address: Passeig Joan Brudieu, 10; la Seu d'Urgell,

Phone: 973 353 135

Schedule: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (9am to 2pm)

Alt Urgell Regional Council

Address: Passeig Joan Brudieu, 15; la Seu d'Urgell,

Phone: 973 353 112

Fax: 973 352 788

E-mail: consell@alturgell.ddl.net

Schedule: Mon-Fri 9am-2pm and 5pm-8pm.

Web: www.ccau.cat

Regional Council Alt Urgell. Social Services

Address: Plaça Soldevila - Centre Cívic El Passeig, 1a Planta; laSeud'Urgell, 25700

Phone: 973 354 102

E-mail: capau@ccau.cat

Schedule: Monday-Tuesday-Friday (9am to 2pm)


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